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Douglas Gridiron Club

Willis May Jr.

Willis May Jr.

Head Coach

Jillian Jarboe


Crista D'Agati


Mandy Goodman


Tracy Gaynor

Communications Officer

Ty Goodman

Director of Field Operations

Matt Hall

Merchandise Manager

Terri Walsh

Director of Fundraising

Michele Allison

Past President


The Douglas Gridiron Club has been in existence for 20 years as a non-profit organization supporting the Douglas Football Program. Our mission is to provide the necessary equipment and services to support Coach May in fielding a competitive Douglas Football Team and delivering a great football experience to the players and their fans.

2016 Board Accomplishments

Thank you to all our families, board members, coaches, and players.  As a board we continue to accomplish amazing things to benefit our players. In the last four years we have made substantial field improvements, purchased new equipment for the weight room, purchased new uniforms for the players, and this season we purchased a computer program that allows the coaches and players to review game film on the sideline so adjustments can be made during the actual game.  But we are not done, 2017 is going to be another exciting year and we want to continue to make our community and our boys proud to be an Eagle.  We look forward to your support as we continue to grow our program!